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Our Instructors

Nathaly Velazquez

Nathaly Velazquez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She began her dance studies at the age six, under the tutelage of the lead ballerina of “Danzas Venezuela” Xiomara Vasconcellos. For years she trained in different styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz and Folk Dance.
At the age of 20 Nathaly ventured into the wonderful world of Flamenco, beginning her studies at the prestigious school of Flamenco “Arte Gitano”, where she had the opportunity to receive classes taught by Bailora (flamenco dancer) Gabriela Gerstel. From that moment on she entered into the endless culture of Flamenco, expanding her studies with great dancers, as Siudy Garrido, Daniela Tugues, Gabriela Reyes “La Canela”, La Chachy Peñalver, Ana Carrasco, Daniel Riera, among others.

In 2003 Nathaly opened her own dance academy named Toque Flamenco, where she learned the love of teaching, and transmit her knowledge learned through the years working with over 200 students.

In 2010 she moved to Miami, and continued her studies with Professional Dancers such as, Ana Luisa Hidalgo, Maria Mercedes Perez, “Gran Bailaora Maria Juncal” , Alfonso Losa, Siudy Garrido, among others; Nathaly later founded the company “Toque Flamenco” which spreads the art Flamenco throughout different schools in Miami leveraging a talented staff of teachers who have extensive career in the field of Flamenco dance, Ballet and teaching.


Lolieht Acosta

Born in Havana, Cuba, September 17, 1988. Lolieht’s dance studies at the age of 6 in the school of Spanish Dance “Liszt Alfonso”; receiving Ballet Lessons, Escuela Bolera, Flamenco and Danza Española.

At 11 years old she was part of the youth ballet school, where she danced for several provinces and theaters of the country.

At the age of 15, she joined the Litz Alfonso Ballet professional company, while studying a professorial career. She received flamenco classes from teacherts like Curro Heredia, Javier Male and Cristina Hoyos. She received ballet classes from instructors of the National Ballet of Cuba, such as Lena Delgado and Clotilde Peon. She also took Folklore and contemporary dance classes.

As a teacher she has worked with children and adults of all ages, instructing diverse flamenco forms and styles. With the dance company for many she performed in different theaters throughout Cuba, such as Garcia Lorca, and Karl Marx.

The company also took the show to several countries like Mexico, Chile, Canada, Egypt, Qatar, New Zealand, Germany, Holland and France.


Samantha Zerpa

Samantha began studying flamenco in 2000 under many flamenco artists, including Inmaculada Ortega, Alfonso Losa, Loenor Leal, and Javier La Torre. She has worked as a professional flamenco dancer since 2007 when she was awarded a position in the company of Siudy Garrido. The company traveled to many different cities and performed in Venezuela, Mexico, Curacao and the USA. She has taught flamenco in Venezuela and the USA to students of various levels, from beginners to intermediate-advanced, and from different ages, at the academies of Furia Flamenca, Key Point School, St Christopher’s-By-The-Sea and many others.

She was a principal dancer in the Off Broadway show “Between Worlds” (2011) at the New World Stages Theater in New York. She specialized her studies at the renowned flamenco art center “Amor de Dios” in Madrid, Spain, studying with well-known artists including Concha Jareño, Miguel Cañas, Olga Pericet, Domingo Ortega and Eli “La Truco”.


Denise Centeno

Denise is a passionate dancer with more than eighteen years of experience in dancing.

She began her career in Venezuela at the age of 13 back in the Lizarraga Flamenco Dance academy where she continued to gain respect and admiration from her instructors to the point of becoming an instructor herself and part of the main dance troupe of the academy. She has traveled far to expand her skills, including the prestigious academy “Amor de Dios” in Madrid, Spain. She has also trained with Flamenco titans like Rafael Campallo, Domingo Ortega, Helena Pachon, Siudy Garrido, Maria Juncal, Farru, and many others.

At the age of 20 she began her journey of Bellydance and has not stopped ever since, becoming a very prestigious instructor in Venezuela owning her own academy and traveling far across the globe to train and further her abilities to places like Egypt, Lebanon, Argentina, Chile and Brazil and studied under the best of the best masters of the craft like Raquia Hassan, M. Reda, Dina, Randa Kamel, Mo. Gedawi, Amir Thaleb, Soraya, Bozenka, Virginia (With whom is she still an active member of Wa Nour Al Ayun).


Natalia Cea

From a family of musicians, Natalia started her artistic career at a very early stage. By the age of 12 she was already part of the Orquesta Sinfonica Infantil de Venezuela, playing the traverse flute. During her teenage years she moved to Florida, where her constant curiosity took her to search for her passion, where she found herself submerged in the arts of Flamenco Dancing. Some of her mentors include Miguel Vargas at Centro de Arte y Flamenco de Sevilla, Ilisa Rosal, Estrella Morena, Raquel Heredia La Repompa, and Jorge Robledo to name a few.

Her teaching experience in the art of flamenco includes beginner and intermediate levels at Baila flamenco Dance Studio for children as well as adults and children beginners at Dance Tech Studios.

Natalia has participated in many important festivals and events around the world, including the Festival de los Mundos in Seville, Spain and performances for royal personalities in Dubai, A.E. as well as different tablaos and private events where she performs with her company “Flamenco My Way”.


Nadya Ariano

Nadya is a loving dancer with more than 15 years’ experience in the world of dance.

At the age of 5, Nadya started to take ballet classes and loved every minute of them. In time, she started to be trained in gymnastics as well and began to compete. She excelled in tumbling and the balance beam. As she entered high school, she continued ballet within Gulliver Preparatory’s dance department where she began training in pointe, jazz, and tap.

Nadya has taught children ages 3 to 6 basic ballet techniques and form through fun activities and song. She also practices yoga in her spare time to alleviate stress and to become more in tune with her body through meditation.

She currently is a student at Florida International University studying Developmental Psychology and Education and her ultimate goal is to obtain her PhD in Developmental Psychology. Her greatest joy is in the work she does with children.